Sherco off-road motorcycles are uniquely built to meet the needs of extreme trial, motocross and enduro lovers. At Pro Rider Designs, we make it easy to pimp and restyle your two-stroke or four-stroke SE racing bike. Our custom and fully customisable graphics kits will perfectly fit your Sherco dirt bike.

Why choose Pro Rider Designs Sherco graphics kits?

Pro Rider Designs Sherco graphics kits are popular in motocross, enduro, and supermoto industries for many reasons. 

The kits we offer are bike-specific: all our decals are cut with precision to fit perfectly on the rims, swingarms, spokes, front and rear fenders, rad scoops, fork guards, front and side number plates, airbox, among other surfaces.

At Pro Rider Designs, we print our graphics using premium high-quality material with shiny color and protective lamination. This ensures that our decals endure the toughest racing conditions and retain their beautiful design for a longer period.

We use modern printing techniques and only the best quality materials and inks. The decals are uniquely designed for abrasion and UV light resistance. The high-grade adhesive at the back of our graphic artwork can easily stick on the low energy surfaces of your bike.  

Make a Mark With Sherco Graphics Kit

If what you need is a unique identity on your Sherco bike, then you can make use of our fully customizable kits. Choosing from one of our many custom designs will require you to provide the name, number, logos, and any other details you would want to appear on your dirt bike. 

You also get to choose the color of the number and the background. Customizing the font style makes it really fun. We use background colors that conform to enduro, motocross, and supermoto standard regulations. 

At Pro Rider designs, you get the opportunity to choose from a variety of cool graphics and create a lasting visual impact on your Sherco bike.

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Graphic kit Pro Rider Design

Graphic kit Pro Rider Design

Pro Rider Design Quality Graphic kit At Pro Rider Design, we are aware that the quality of graphic kits is essential for motocross riders. Hence, we have...
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