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Do you like off-road adventures? Do you frequently go to motorsport competitions and constantly see amazing dirt bike customization? If so, it’s time to take the step to customize your dirt bike with Pro Rider Design decals. The days when we went off-road with our standard dirt bikes are long gone. Nowadays, aesthetics are very important. This is apparent not only in the dirt bike sticker kits but also in the off-road equipment that is becoming more and more customized. In the world of competition, a motocross with your name or logo makes the difference between a simple rider and a true dirt bike lover. It is important to stand out within the crowd of motorcycle fans. 

Key Advantages of Using Custom Dirt Bike Graphics

Having a custom design on your enduro will make it eye-catching, helping you stand out from the rest. Factory-made motorcycles are coming out very bland, so you should give yours a special touch to make it shine.

At Pro Rider Design, we love to customize motocross! We will help you stand out with amazing motocross graphics kits. Whether you’re a dirt bike, dual-sport or ATV rider, our custom designs will fit your plastics. Stick with me, and I will tell you about the available options for your bike’s customization.  

Our best-selling graphic designs include: Rockstar graphics, Monster energy and One industries. Our vinyl graphics will also fit your motorcycle. All kits are scratch and shock resistant. So you don’t have to worry about striking the mud!

If you already have kits on your bike, and for reasons beyond your control you fall or break one of the adhesives, it’s time to get new Pro Rider Design stickers. You have the option of ordering only a part of the kit to save money. 

If you want to sell your dirt bike secondhand, the investment you make in a custom kit will be easily recovered, thanks to better resale value. Also, you’ll be able to sell your bike much faster.

All riders like to have their own favorite race number, so why not put yours on your bike? Having custom kits is ideal for mx bikes and takes your riding experience to a whole new level. It’s time to upgrade your dirtbike!

Semi-customized Graphics Kits

If you want to quickly customise your machine before a competition, you can buy semi-custom kits for your motocross graphics. Custom graphics from Pro Rider Design are the best way to upgrade your dirt bike. They’ll make you look like a professional rider, even if you’re not one already. If you only ride around with your friends, you will definitely stand out from them. 

However, if you aspire to become a professional supercross rider, you will get the attention of potential sponsors. By using custom graphics, you show them that you are passionate about dirt bikes and that you mean business. If you want to go further, some kits even cover dirt bike metal parts like the swing arm and the handlebar. 

Pro Rider Design allows you to customize your dirt bike to your image. We provide you with semi-customized kits as well as fully customized kits. We offer a wide selection of brands: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, Sherco, Yamaha, TM, Beta, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Derbi, and Gas Gas – you name it! 

For each dirt bike brand, you will find the kits that go with it. Pro Rider Design kits come in different colors and designs. You will find stickers for top-tier bikes and ATVs below:

Honda kits: CRF 50, CRF 150, CRF 250, CR 125, Honda 400ex, TRX450r, etc.

Yamaha kits: YZ250F, YZ 85, YZ 125, YZF 250, Raptor 700r,Banshee , blaster, etc.

Kawasaki kits: KX 65, KX 85, KLX, KXF, etc.

KTM kits: KTM SX 65, SX 85, SX 125, SXF, etc. 

Husqvarna kits: Husqvarna FE 250, TX 125, TE 150.

If you have a specific bike which has been customized, chances are our kits will fit its plastics. You may contact us if you have a custom dirtbike.

Fully Customized Graphics Kits

Our kits are designed by a professional design team. After your order is placed, it only takes seven days for your custom kit to be completed. Pro Rider Design motocross kits will fit perfectly on your bike. They come complete with fork guard decals, air box decals, shrouds decals, number plate decals, swing arm decals, front number plate decals, and fender decals. 

You have dozens of options to fully customize your machine. These custom kits are professionally made with your name, number, logos, and favorite colors. Furthermore, you can choose the style for both the number and the name. The names can be in capital or lowercase letters; it’s up to you. 

Please note that all of our designs and accessories comply with industry standards, particularly the AMA rules.

Racing ATV Custom Graphics

You will not just find dirt bike graphics on Pro Rider Design. We also provide you with quad graphics. ATV lovers will find all they need to customize their machines. Depending on the brand, ATV graphic kit from Pro Rider Design can include the rear wheel mud plugs, the rear fender, the grab bar, seat cover, the hood, and even helmet decals. These kits will upgrade your off-road experience. If you own an old ATV, we give you the opportunity to bring it back to life and stand out from the crowd. Custom Quad graphics are available for ATV models like the Yamaha raptor and Suzuki ATVs.

During competitions, four wheelers can sink into the mud so deeply that it can be difficult to differentiate one from the other. In this case, a custom graphic motif on the fender can help your team identify you and monitor your performance. 

Tips for Customizing Your Dirt Bike With Graphics

The installation of the graphic kits is very easy. Here are some tips to help you.

Remove the Old Graphics

Before putting on your brand new dirt bike graphics, it is essential to remove the old ones if you still have them in place. To remove them perfectly without any tearing, you can heat them up a little bit to make the glue softer. A heat gun or heat dryer can help you in this process. After heating, you can remove the graphics quite easily with a thin blade. Be careful not to scratch the plastic!

Clean the Surface 

Next, you will have to clean the surface to which your new dirt bike graphics will bond. This is to ensure the graphics will stick perfectly to the plastic. So, go ahead and remove all adhesive residues or other remaining spots that could prevent your graphics from sticking perfectly. You can simply use water for cleaning, no need for soap.

Put on the New Graphics

When putting on your new designs, place your dirt bike in the shade. Also, avoid being in a room that is too hot (over ninety degrees). However, your graphics will stick better if you heat them up before applying them to your bike. This makes it easier for you to correct any imperfections. For example, if there is a small bump that appears, you can warm up the area and use a blade strong enough to smooth over it. Warming up the edges of your graphics also prevents them from peeling off easily after they cool down.

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