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Graphics Kit ALPINESTARS YELLOW : Design designed for your Motocross *Required step

This decal kit is available for motocross 50cc to 800cc, and also for your ATV. You can customize the whole kit by choosing colors, or adding your logos, driver's name, numbers....

Customization options for your motocross like nowhere else!

For custom kits, you will receive your mock-up model to validate or modify before manufacture, just let us know. Expand your options with the grip zone option. It will protect your sticker kit in the areas of your choice.

We also offer 2 choices for the finish: matt or glossy. You can add some accessories such as spoke covers, rim stickers, fork tube stickers which makes it possible to personalize your motocross as much as possible.

Final price

The thickness of this ALPINESTARS custom decal kit is optimal: 300 microns.

An ultra-high tack and bubble-free adhesive used by top pilots

This custom decal kit is specifically designed for motocross, enduros and ATVs.

The kit includes stickers for the following elements:

  • Radiator shrouds
  • Tank
  • (for some models)
  • Swing arm
  • Front plate
  • Two rear side fenders
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Air box
  • Fork guards

Additional information:

  • Payment method: cb, paypal, bank transfer or check
  • Thanks to PayPal, you can make secure online payments by credit card without disclosing your information to a third party. All data is automatically encrypted.
  • Go further with our decal kits!
  • For only 22$ more you can customize your decal kit
  • Add your logos, name, pilot number and change the colors....

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